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Welcome to my newest site , dedicated to Japanese Elegant Gothic Fashions.
Here you can find  a variety of different designers of EGA and EGL that are very famous in Japan and which are just my favourite. Also Yuo can find different Jrock members(such as Miyavi , Aya (Psycho le cemu), Rame (Vidoll) , Kamijo (Lareine) , Gackt , Riku and etc.) who are a part of Gothic and Lolita stylesThe site is based on Fashion Magazine "Gothic Lolita Bible" and filled with photos and info on the variety of designers. This site will introduce you to Unique Elegant Fashions of Japan.

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June 9 2005
1. Added 2 new Riku pictures from Gothic Lolita Bible 17
2. Added 4 new Aya pictures From GLB17 , you can find them in Other EGA/EGL Models section.

May 28 2005
1. Updated Other EGA/EGL models section. More Aya and Rame pix. ^_^
2. Updated H.Naoto Section (added Gackt pix , Cali=Gari pix , clothing pix and etc.)
May 30
1). Updated Aya gallery in "Other EGA/EGL Models" section.
2).Updated Rame gallery in "Other EGA/EGL Models" section.
3).Added Miyavi gallery to "Other EGA/EGL Models" section.
4)Updated H.Naoto models gallery.


Tokyo's Fashion
In Japan, a land where the emblematic is most visible and where signs and signals are more openly displayed, the language of dress is more confied than in many countires in the West. Even the national costume "kimono" , categorizes those who wear it into clearly defined groups conforming to certain written rules and conventions of dress.
   Japanese are fond of characterizing themselves as a homogenous family , a "minzoku" , or group. The closest most Japanese youth get to making a truly radical fashion statement is by electing to be a part of a fashion group, one that offers the benefits of individualism within the security of group.
    Youths move through Tokyo'd fashion towns in packs that often reflect styles strongly identified with specific boutiques or fashion chains.
     One of those chains is Elegant Gothic Style.The relationship of the Gothic & Lolita scene to Japan’s fashion mainstream is a complex and ambiguous one.
     Gothic Lolita consists of, obviously, gothic and lolita type clothing and jewelry. There are many famous J-rock bands that were heavily influenced (or influenced it themselves) by this style. For example, one magazine called The Gothic & Lolita Bible features Mana from Moi dix Mois/ex-Malice Mizer in a photo shoot in pretty much every issue, and it is possible that Mana may have had something to do with the creation of that magazine as a whole. It is basically western Goth style, although the outfits worn by the adherents to the style are usually extremely complex, and encompass the lolita side of it as well. Magazines usually have different things such as gothic-themed manga, free patterns, pages of gothic and lolita designers' new clothing and prices, jewelry, wigs, hair and make-up tips, photoshoots, articles with people "in the community," pictures of everyday people on the streets in gothic and lolita clothing, etc.
        There are three major categories in the gothic lolita subculture: Gothic Lolita, Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL), Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA) . EGA is not lolita, however it is included in the category due to other factors such as label, creator, and the type of people who tend to wear it.
         Gothic Lolita, also named "gothloli" started sometime around 1997 in Japan. The person that got credited for creating this style is Mana, a japanese guitarist of the former band Malice Mizer. He thought up the name of this style to describe the clothes of his own clothing label. His label, Moi-même-Moitié, was founded in 1999 and still is a very wanted label in the Gothic Lolita scene.
           The style itself can be described as a mix of western gothic elements with alice in wonderland influence and historical victorian costumes. Cute bows, lacey skirts and frilly dresses fit in here. Some people who wear Gothic Lolita try to look cute and "doll" like to complete the look. But there are different styles in this fashion, such as:

Classic Lolita: A more traditional, girly look, with many references to victorian costumes.

Sweet Lolita: It's all about the cuteness factor here, frilly dresses, lacey blouses and bows to make the wearer look.

Elegant Gothic Lolita: A bit more grown up version as the two styles mentioned before, but still a strong victorian touch.

Elegant Gothic Aristocrat: The male counterpart of the fashion. This stream focuses on the male look, but with a goth and victorian influence. Longer clothing can be found here, such as longer coats, dresses, etc. A more "aristocratic" look.

Punk Lolita: A more punkish feel then the others. You can mix several styles in this fashion and come up with something different and original. This style has the classic Gothic Lolita elements mixed with some more punkish touches.

As you can see there are different styles in this fashion, and it's not always easy to point out which costume is which exactly, but they share alot of elements together.




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